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Dating in Glasgow: don't panic!


Dating in Glasgow can be rather intimidating. In that case, a dating site could provide a reassuring interface in your approach. Leave your jitters behind you, and trust in to help you start dating in Glasgow.


Start dating in Glasgow without even stepping outside your front door!


Another plus point of dating sites is that they enable you to start dating in Glasgow without even having to go out. Dialogue, chat and make new friends while keeping snug and warm with!

Love knows no boundaries

Although most singles initially limit their searches to their own town or county, many of the love stories which develop on involve distances of hundreds of miles.  Don't limit your horizons - you never know how far love might take you!

Success Stories

X Close My partner and I both joined the site last January. He sent me a message and after a couple of weeks exchanging messages we met for a drink, four weeks later we got engaged.
I am delighted to say that 4 weeks ago 11/05/08 we got married.
We have never been happier and would like to thank match for the fantastic service.

My partner and I both joined the site last January. He sent me a message ...
X Close I would sincerely like to thank you for enabling me to get in touch with someone who has quite literally changed my life. I separated from my husband in February after a mutual decision to end our marriage, and things had not been going well for a long time. It is difficult to meet a prospective partner when all your close friends have settled with theirs, and the social siutations you find yourself in are not always ideal for finding that special someone. I feel that I have finally found someone who I can have a future with, and I will be eternally grateful for that chance. I was very dubious about dating on the internet, and had had more than a few 'disaster dates'. However, if this relationship goes the way I think it might, then it will have certainly been a worthwile experience.
I would sincerely like to thank you for enabling me to get in touch with ...
X Close Dear match,

In January of last year, through your site, I was lucky enough to meet the girl I have searching for all my life after spending many years of being alone. I lived in the north east of England and she lived in London, but now I reside in London with her and we were recently engaged to be married. We have plans to move to her native Sweden in the near future and be married there.

I owe her a debt that cannot be put into words, because she taught me to live and breathe again. I had become quite lonely over the last few years and a little withdrawn. There was a sadness inside me because I felt that there was a piece missing from the puzzle that would complete my life. I had worked hard to achieve a good career and give myself a good start, but I had never been fortunate enough to meet that special girl. Approaching my early thirties, I wondered if I would ever find real love, and whether that emotion was something that would pass me by.

Being a hopeful fiction writer, I had not written for years, but meeting her gave me the courage to begin again and my imagination returned.

Even a year on, I still wake each day and feel I am the luckiest man in the world to have her and I still get butterflies when I hear the front door open and she comes home to me or when she cuddles me and holds me close.

We have our ups and downs,like any couple finding their way in this world, life can be hard and relationships need to be taken care of. The most beautiful things in life can also be fragile and need special care to keep them that way. But I know I will love her always for who she is and what she means to me. She knows I would never let her down.

She told me she is thankful for me in her life and there is no greater compliment I can receive. No amount of money in the world can buy the love I have found and without match, we wonder if we would ever have found each other. So thank you, for bringing us together.

My advice for those searching for love, is to never give up hope, never stop looking for that missing piece of the puzzle. There is no greater gift a person can have, than true love.

Dear match,In January of last year, through your site, I was lucky enough ...
X Close We met exactly a year ago this month on I had subscribed for six months, thinking that would give me plenty of time to find someone lovely, but within a month I had started chatting to him. He joined up as he had read my profile and wanted to get to know me! Within days we were up all night chatting on line, then we swapped numbers and started texting each other, then we chatted on the phone and got on brilliantly. I knew then that we would get on well when we met up, approx ten days after our first text. The first night we first met was fantastic. We met at a pub local to me and at closing time neither of us wanted the evening to end, so we found another pub that we managed to stay in until nearly 2am. I remember the first time he touched my arm that night, it was as though I knew that he was speaking to me but I couldnt hear a word he was saying, all I could do was experience this amazing feeling of him touching my arm. After the pub we sat chatting in his car until 7am! It was an absolute amazing first date! We met up again a few days later (could hardly wait to see him again) and we have been seeing each other ever since, as I said it's a year now. I say this whole next 10 days is one long anniversary, from knowing of his existence, to our first text, to our first call, to when we first met each other in the flesh. This year has flown by, it's been incredible and one of the happiest years of my life. I really feel that I am the luckiest woman ever, as I have found someone truly special, funny, amazingly attractive, who I have clicked with. What I have with him is incredibly precious and something that you can't buy or work at, we get on, it just happens.I have only come back onto to tell our story and a massive thank you ;)
We met exactly a year ago this month on I had subscribed for ...

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