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Why choose the leader in the dating sector if you want to start dating in Glasgow? Perhaps to follow the example of the millions of singles who, before you, put their trust in to help them find a soulmate. Perhaps, as well, because is the UK site where you will come across the largest number of singles, and therefore the one that will give you the greatest chance of dating in Glasgow.


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A question of timing

When's the right time to decide to meet each other face to face? There's really no hard and fast rule, and each couple has to make their own decision according to their experiences and how they feel. One thing's for sure though - there's no need to rush into anything. Make the most of the tools available to you (e.g. e-mail and instant messaging) to get to know the other person.

Success Stories

X Close I logged on to this website through curiosity, and within 2 days was in constant contact with the same person. We arranged to have a drink together (very nerve-wracking!), hit it off straight away and are now seeing each other regularly. He is the most wonderful guy I have ever met, we quite often joke about how fate brought us together and that we both met our "soulmate". I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet this man, who otherwise would never have crossed paths with me. We have a long way to go and have a few ghosts to put to rest, but I am confident this will be achieved because we are made for each other and together we are very strong. Thank you
I logged on to this website through curiosity, and within 2 days was in ...
X Close We first met on November 2007 having spent several months on the shelf! We both joined match not looking for love but rather to meet new and interesting people. However, the first time I saw her profile I knew that there was something special about her. Her profile message was brief, describing herself as a cat loving spinster who lived in a spooky cottage. I on the other hand complained of being left on the shelf past my best before date.

We hit it off straight away and we were soon exchanging lengthy emails. We arranged to meet up a few weeks after first making contact and for our first date found ourselves sitting in an old man's pub in the middle of Essex! We had a great night and found that we had so much in common. We met again the following week and soon started dating. Since November our relationship has developed and we have just booked our first holiday together; we are going to the Dominican Republic in July.

We are very much in love and having found each other on this site we both feel extremely lucky and glad that we persisted with the internet dating game!

I truly believe that I have found my soul mate and I look forward to spending many happy years with her by my side.

Thank you match! I had to date about 30 women to find the one but it was well worth it.

Good luck to all of you reading this still searching for your match. Keep faith and don't settle for second best.

We first met on November 2007 having spent several months on the shelf! ...
X Close Hi

We met through match almost five years ago, married now for 2 years.

Don't ever give up, your soul mate is out there! I found mine with a little help from match.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!


HiWe met through match almost five years ago, married now for 2 years.Don't ...
X Close I joined this site after promising a friend that I would. I didn't even know how to find one but one day when I went onto my PC it was doing odd things and I picked up my mouse to give it a wipe, when I next looked at the screen, there was this site... Feeling it was fate I put in my details.
Two weeks after joining, I had my first message. His photo was not brilliant but something about him appealed to me and we seemed to be a very good match. I wasted no time and subscribed immediately so that I could reply. We exchanged messages, then emails, then phone calls. We had our first date 10 days later on 20/05/07. On 27/05/07 he moved in with me!
We have never looked back since, our relationship has gone from strength to strength and we both feel that we have found our soul mate. On 10th May 2008 we got married, the sun shone and the day was perfect and ALL our family and friends were there to give us their blessing. I have never been happier and I know he feels the same. So... It does work, we know! So don't hesitate, go for it. It is the best £60 I have ever spent.

I joined this site after promising a friend that I would. I didn't even ...

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