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Welcome to the UK's no. 1 dating site! Since its creation in 2001, has established itself as a major player in the online dating sector, bringing its services to millions of users all over the UK. dialoguing and dating between singles


Dating on is as easy as pie! Take a few minutes to fill in your profile: write a few lines to introduce yourself and describe your ideal partner. Don't forget to upload one or more photos to improve your chances of dating for the first time. why not try dating singles in your region?


Once your profile is complete, you are ready to start dating the millions of singles who have joined Target your searches using the criteria available: age, domicile, physique, character, interests, etc.

Pay attention to your spelling!

When you write your ad, try to be careful with your spelling. For some people, correct English is very important, and an ad full of errors could be a real black mark for you.  If spelling is not your thing, pick up a dictionary and reread your text, or ask a friend to give you a hand.

Success Stories

X Close We'd just like to say a big "thank you" to

We met through this site 9 months ago and spent all our spare time talking on the phone and visiting each other at weekends, plus a few surprise mid-week visits from him! We didn't let the 90 mile distance stop us!

There was an instant spark between us as soon as we met and haven't looked back since. Although we were both a bit dubious to use internet dating to begin with, our doubts were lifted as soon as we first started talking. We met in a public place first of all and from then on we have just gone from strength to strengh and both feel we have met our soul mate.

After 6 months he moved into my house and he makes such a wonderful dad to my two young children who worship him, and now after 9 months together, we are expecting a little brother or sister for them and are looking forward to our first holiday together in October.

All we need now is for him to get a job closer to home as he drives two hours to work and back everyday, which also shows his love for me! We both couldn't be happier and would just like to say thanks again, we now have a really bright future together with our family.

We'd just like to say a big "thank you" to We met through this ...
X Close Thanks to your service I have found the most wonderful man to
hopefully share a long and happy future with. I was feeling very low after returning from a holiday and had known for some time that I was definitely missing that special someone in my life. I am a hopeless romantic and everywhere I looked on holiday there seemed to be couples walking hand in hand and enjoying that closeness that I wished for, so on returning I decided to take positive action and log on to your site. I received several replies to my profile and one in particular stood out from the rest. We quickly found that after e-mailing each other several times a day that a meeting was the next step. We met outside a local pub, I had already received a scanned photo of him so knew who I was looking for but although I had described myself I was sure he would turn tail and drive off! He gave me some flowers which broke the ice and we have not looked back since. He works away from home so our phone bills have increased and text messaging has become an art now but once a week I have travelled up to be with him, during this time I have been learning what a lovely,caring,genuine and thoughtful person he is. We know that life will not always be as kind to us as it is at the moment but we are very realistic in our approach to any problems that may occur and I just hope that we can weather any storm and just continue to talk to each other the way we do now and I know, in my heart, that I don't need to kiss any more frogs! Thank you again for putting the sparkle back in my life.

Thanks to your service I have found the most wonderful man tohopefully ...
X Close We met on match last Febuary and we are now getting married this August!

I was a career girl & wasn't interested in meeting someone, until last year. He was the third man I met for a drink & the rest is history so to speak.

It is true - there is someone out there for everyone and internet dating is definitely the way forward.

We met on match last Febuary and we are now getting married this August! ...
X Close Thank you for helping me find my perfect man! we are getting married next year and we are perfect for each other.
After 10 years of being on my own I decided to try dating again. I read a couple of books which helped me think about what sort of person I was and what sort of person I wanted to meet. I used the questions and the profile sections to 'weed out' anyone unsuitable. My main requirement was someone who liked dogs as I had four greyhounds. Amazingly he saw my profile and he has a greyhound too! That broke the ice and we were soon emailing everyday. We met on Nov 17th at a local garden centre and instantly hit it off. The dogs met and got on (phew!) and we got engaged on Valentine's Day. For both of us we were the first person we met through the website.

Thank you for helping me find my perfect man! we are getting married next ...

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