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Welcome to the UK's no. 1 dating site! Since its creation in 2001, has established itself as a major player in the online dating sector, bringing its services to millions of users all over the UK. dialoguing and dating between singles


Dating on is as easy as pie! Take a few minutes to fill in your profile: write a few lines to introduce yourself and describe your ideal partner. Don't forget to upload one or more photos to improve your chances of dating for the first time. why not try dating singles in your region?


Once your profile is complete, you are ready to start dating the millions of singles who have joined Target your searches using the criteria available: age, domicile, physique, character, interests, etc.

That first e-mail

You've seen a profile which interests you and you're on the point of writing that first e-mail.  Be especially careful as to what you write - you don't get a second chance to make a first impression!  Try not to repeat information which is already shown on your profile, be original, and do your best to make your correspondent want to know more about you.

Success Stories

X Close I met my partner a year ago, we are now engaged and are getting married next year!
I got my first message from him a week after I joined up and we met five weeks later.
I would highly recommend this method of dating and this website to anybody and I hope you can meet somebody who makes you as happy as we are.

Thank you so much!

I met my partner a year ago, we are now engaged and are getting married ...
X Close Just a note to say that this site is fantastic. I had only been a member for 2 weeks and I searched the profiles and saw someone that was absolutely amazing. I contacted him and things blossomed from there. You never know who you are going to meet. I hope others have the same luck as me.

Thank you so much!

Just a note to say that this site is fantastic. I had only been a member ...
X Close

My fiancee and I would just like to thank you for enabling us to meet.

We met originally 2 half years ago on the site but due to other things going on in our lives didn't pursue any further contact but then last May we both re-joined and to our joy found each other to be single still and soon met up after many e-mails and phone calls. We quickly realised that we were made for each other and very much in love and the rest is history. We are getting married in May.

My fiancee and I would just like to thank you for enabling us to meet.We ...
X Close I signed up to in Jan 2006 after ending a long term relationship which felt dead and was going nowhere. I used to say to myself 'I want more than this'. Never did I imagine that I would find that 'more' through an internet dating site. I had been going out with my mates to clubs and bars, on the search for true love, but used to end the night feeling more depressed than ever. Meeting Mr Right whilst in some noisy club after a few vodka and cokes was looking less and less promising. Then one day, whist online I was drawn to a dating ad, I had seen it before but had taken little notice. Little did I know what joy and happiness was in store for me! I could not believe just how many local people there were signed up. I don't know why but I thought it would mainly be people in London and surrounding areas. I liked what I saw and read, so figured why not, what did I have to lose? It didn't cost a huge amount to join, so I wrote a nice honest profile about myself and added some photos that I had stored on my laptop. That next day when I logged on my email box had loads of messages from Dating Direct saying I had been send messages by loads of different blokes. I was shocked because I didn't expect there to be so many so quickly. It was great reading them all and sending messages back. For various reasons, there were some that I knew I would not really be interested in dating, so I would simple send a polite message back. This went on for days, I used to rush home to check my messages, it felt great having all that attention! One evening I figured I'd do the same as the blokes that had left messages for me, I'd do some searching and message people that interested me. I really wanted a local relationship, after not great past experience of long distance relationships. There were quite a few blokes within the age range I searched as close as 5 miles from me. That night, this one profile stood out to me. It was a new member like myself living a few miles from me. There were no photos but I liked what I read. He seemed as honest as myself and was looking for just the same things as me. I sent a polite message saying 'hi' and didn't have to wait long for reply. We sent quite a few message's via that week and even though I was still getting many other messages it was him that I was wanting to message. He soon updated his profile to add a photo, so I could also see what he looked like. In time, we found that we had lots in common and it seemed like we were getting closer and closer. Every time I opened an email saying that he had sent me a message I felt all giddy like a school girl again. It was not long before we exchanged mobile numbers, so emails turned to texts. We decided to talk on the phone one evening. I was so nervous but it felt great. We talked for hours and hours. Putting the world to right and sharing stories. We really hit it off so arranged a date for that weekend. I can still remember every second of that first evening. My heart was racing even whilst getting ready but I was so excited. Meeting in person ended up being just as rewarding as the night chatting on the phone. Yet again we hit it off straight away and had a fantastic evening. I'd never been one to believe in love at first sight, but something really special happened that evening that I can't even explain to myself. In the days and weeks after we could not get enough of each other, we hated being apart. He felt just the same as I did. For the first time in years, I felt special, neededand truly loved. That was over two years ago, but the feelings I have for him have never changed. They have only grown stronger. We are both so very happy and could not ask for more. We now live together and have a wonderful four month old daughter together. We are also trying to plan a wedding for next year. Our lives are now complete and we would both like to thank very much.
I signed up to in Jan 2006 after ending a long term relationship ...

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